Volunteer to Sanitize the Lord’s House

Christ Needs You to Clean His Church

Let's Conquer COVID! We need your help to clean and sanitize the pews and the restrooms after each Mass. Stay and join our cleaning team! Working is easy, fun, and through your efforts, we can further mitigate the coronavirus.

Fruits of Your Labor

The Virus Stays Out
The next group is assured the pews they sit in are sanitized and COVID-Free.

Service Hours for Youth
High School Students can attain community service hours through their service.

Community In Action
Be an effective evangelizer in the faith by working with a group of like-minded Catholic Christians.

Come as you are

We provide the gloves and cleaning tools. Just look for the staff member in the reflective vest following the final blessing or contact Eugene Eble for more information.

Eugene Eble

Staff Liaison, Office Mananger
(951) 676-4403

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