Protection Against the Coronavirus

Safely Worship with Us

Holy Water Returns August 1! We will be installing four Holy Water Dispensers. This will give us a sanitary means by which to receive Holy Water to make the Sign of the Cross. Bottled Holy Water is also individually available for for take home use.

Many operational restrictions have been lifted as of June 15. Our parish continues to remember its responsibility in caring and protecting one another – using sensible public health precautions in our ministries, always being mindful of the health, safety and well-being of our parishioners, our clergy, staff and volunteers.

Here are the COVID Directives that are in effect as of July 25.


Full Capacity Worship

There are no limitations on seating capacity other than those given by the applicable fire department or city/county agencies for liturgical worship.

3' Distancing for Non-Liturgical Gatherings

All Clergy, Parish Staff and Volunteers will continue to maintain 3' distancing between households at all times while conducting indoor/outdoor in-person meetings, appointments and/or business on campus.

Sunday Mass Dispensation ended July 1

Bishop Rojas has issued a Decree to lift the current general dispensation from the Sunday Mass and Holy Days of obligation that we have had since the beginning of the pandemic in March 2020. As of July 1st, the Diocese invites all of the Catholic Faithful to return to Mass in-person on Sundays and Holy Days in order to fulfill their obligation to attend Mass. Welcome back home!

Those who cannot attend Mass because of age (65 years and older), sickness, or disability will continue to be excused and are encouraged to make Sundays holy through personal prayer or viewing our livestreamed Masses.

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Face Mask Guidance

Masks are no longer required, indoors, for vaccinated persons at Mass. Parishioners/attendees/guests are encouraged to wear masks, if health conditions exist, or as a personal choice, to ensure maximum safety precautions for all.

Clergy, Staff and Liturgical Volunteers may and are strongly encouraged to wear masks during liturgical celebrations in the church, due to the interaction with numerous individuals who may or may not be vaccinated. All Clergy, Parish Staff and Volunteers will continue to wear masks at all times while conducting indoor in-person meetings, appointments and/or business on campus.

Hand Sanitizer

The Diocese continues to encourage all the faithful to sanitize their hands prior to communion. There are several dispensers located throughout the church. In addition, all ministers of Holy Communion will sanitize their hands multiple times throughout the liturgy.

Follow the Ushers

Staff and Volunteers will assist with the flow of the Holy Communion lines and will be available to answer any questions you may have. We appreciate your co-operation.

Singing / Music Directives

Our Music Ministry and congregation are now singing again. Alleluia!

We invite you to sing with your Household before Mass: Check out the numerous pre-recorded tracks of your favorite Catholic songs. Tune in and sing together in praise safely with your household.

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Additional Temporary Safety Restrictions in Effect

Holy Water: We will be installing four Holy Water Dispensers. This will give us a sanitary means by which to receive Holy Water to make the Sign of the Cross. Bottled Holy Water is also individually available for take home use. Baptismal Font will remain empty. The sprinkling of Holy Water on persons or objects resumes.

Artwork & Statues: Please continue to refrain from Kissing/touching; clergy are currently authorized and may do so and the surface will be sanitized after conclusion of service.

Glory & Praise Hymnals: Not in use at this time, due to common shared use.

Incense: Not in use at this time.

Lord’s Prayer and Sign of Peace: We will continue to refrain from holding hands with other persons. Sign of Peace resumes but without any physical contact or touching.

Communion on the Tongue: We will continue to have one or two separate lines for Holy Communion on the tongue near the Saint Catherine and/or Our Lady of Guadalupe images.

Precious Blood: The Blood of Christ is not given to the Assembly at this time.

Feeling Sick? Stay Home. Watch our Livestreams.

Following the guidelines from the CDC and directives from the diocese, please stay home and properly quarantine if you are not feeling well, have a fever or have tested positive for COVID-19. We have two thermometers in the area for use. Feel free to try it.

Staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others from getting sick. The parish will continue to Broadcast Online Livestreams of Masses that you can watch remotely:

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A Clean and Sanitized Church...Will you help us?

After the last Mass of the day, the pews will be cleaned and sanitized. Want to assist? Look for the Emcee or Staff Member after the last mass of the day.

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