Protection Against the Coronavirus

Safely Worship with Us

Great News...Indoor worship has returned to St. Catherine's! To help mitigate COVID-19, our bishop has implemented the following safety directives to ensure safety and peace of mind when you come to church in conjunction with guidelines from the CDC.

Directives Updated Friday, March 19, 2021:

Here's is what St. Catherine’s is doing to keep you safe.


6' Distancing between Households

We’ll continue to safely group families by household and practice physical distancing. Our ushers will also assist with seating.

Maximum Capacity for Indoor Worship: 300 Persons

We can allow up to 300 persons inside of the church at a time for Masses and Services (25% of the Building's Maximum Occupancy).

Additional Seating: We have recently reopened the Saint Mary Mother's Chapel.

Choir Loft Update: We're blessed to be able to welcome back Music Ministry Volunteers. As a result this section of the church is now temporarily reserved again exclusively for Music Ministry use.

Senior/Disabled Seating Returns: We've also re-designated the last four center pews for our elderly and persons with disabilities. Holy Communion can also now be brought to any elderly or disabled person upon request.

Outdoor Option: Participants may also elect to stay and participate from the outside should the church reach its 25% threshold or if they choose. Feel free to bring your lawn chairs.

We'll also keep the doors open during the celebration and have a speaker set up in the front plaza.

Face Cover Requirement

Masks or Face Shields: As required by state public officials and for everyone's safety, all persons will wear a Face Cover that covers the nose and mouth at all times while on the property. Please bring your own face covering to wear as these will not be provided.

Clergy and Liturgy Volunteer Update: Face Shields and Face Masks remain the Diocesan policy to be worn by all priests, deacons, sacristans, readers, extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, emcees, ushers and volunteers, when distributing communion to multiple individuals processing before them. Single masks or single face shields will be worn at all other times during the liturgical service at which the general congregation is present.

Readers and clergy are not required to wear a face covering while delivering a homily or during a reading since the ambo area is more than 12 feet from another individual. They will put their masks back on upon leaving the speaking location.

Bring Some Hand Sanitizer

The Diocese encourages all the faithful to sanitize their hands prior to communion. In addition, all ministers of Holy Communion will sanitize their hands multiple times throughout the liturgy.

Group Gatherings Before and After Mass: Not Yet!

Please no gathering in front of the church before or after Mass. Please remember to exit the area when instructed after the Final Blessing so that our Cleaning Volunteers can have the pews sanitized and ready for the next liturgy.

Follow the Ushers and Posted Signage and Directional Arrows

Staff and Volunteers will assist with orderly seating and dismissal prior to and after Mass with designated entry and exit areas and Floor Signage to mitigate crowding. We appreciate your co-operation.

Singing / Music Directives

Our Music Ministry can now start singing while following the 6 feet distancing. Singers will keep masks on at all times, including while singing.

Still on Hold: Congregation Singing. All propers, commons, and prayers in Mass that involve Assembly Responses will continue to be temporarily recited as the congregation is asked not to “sing along” with the music ministers. Our Music Ministry will gracisouly continue to provide the music throughout the liturgy.

"Pray one day that all of us can sing together!" -Fr Anthony Dao

Safely Sing with your Household: Check out the numerous pre-recorded tracks of your favorite Catholic songs. Tune in and sing together in praise safely with your household.

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Feeling Sick? Stay Home. Watch our Livestreams.

Following the guidelines from the CDC and directives from the diocese, please stay home and properly quarantine if you are not feeling well, have a fever or have tested positive for COVID-19. We have two thermometers in the area for use. Feel free to try it.

Staying home is the best way to protect yourself and others from getting sick. The parish will continue to Broadcast Online Livestreams of Masses that you can watch remotely:

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A Clean and Sanitized Church...Will you help us?

After each Mass, the pews, bathrooms and other common areas will be cleaned and sanitized. Because we can now have up to 300 people per Mass, we'll be needing some extra helping hands! Look for the Staff Member in the Reflective Vest following the liturgy.

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