Parents share the gift of human life with their children and, through Baptism, enrich them with a share in God's own life. As the primary catechists of their children, they have the duty to nourish this gift and form their kids in the Catholic faith. Parents are called to teach their children how to pray, how to worship, and how to serve others. Parish catechetical ministry programs assist parents in this solemn obligation.
-United States Conference of Catholic Bishops

K-12 Faith Formation Program

St. Catherine's is pleased to provide the families of registered parishioners an opportunity for their children to partake in our Faith Formation program with preparation for the holy sacraments of First Reconciliation, First Holy Eucharist and Confirmation.

To evangelize and to catechize your children is the call to awaken, nurture and develop the hunger for God in one another and to journey with each other as we grow in our relationship with our Lord and Savior as Catholic Christians.

Catholic Catechesis

Saint Catherine assists parents and educators in their mission to hand on the faith to future generations. School-age children receive formal and systematic catechesis in our catechetical programs in which the content of the Catholic faith and the experience of Christian life is presented authentically and completely.

Topics range from exploring the bible in the way kids and teenagers can joyfully understand to learning how to recite traditional prayers like the Lord's Prayer, receiving the church’s solemn teaching of the Real Presence of Jesus Christ in the Eucharist, and praying the Holy Rosary.

Elementary Grades K-5

Through the scriptures, we come to know Jesus Christ. Elementary school catechesis prepares for the Sacraments by promoting a deeper understanding and experience of the Liturgy. Here in the Diocese of San Bernardino, children receive a full year of formation prior to First Eucharist (received no sooner than in the 3rd grade).

Children in Sacramental Preparation (Reconciliation, Eucharist) have additional sacramentental sessions, on-campus day retreats, and rehearsals of which both the child and at least one parent journey together.

Ministry with Youth

Saint Catherine strives to provide our middle and high school youth not only an education in the Catholic faith, but also an opportunity for them to witness and experience what it is like to be a Catholic Christian in their daily lives through large and small group sessions, witness talks, a dedicated Youth Mass each Sunday, and numerous service projects around the parish and abroad.

In addition, high school youth preparing for the Sacrament of Confirmation will journey in formation for two years and also live and experience a Catholic retreat during each year.

Register Today

Please fill out one of the forms and plan to attend one of our scheduled registration events or contact our Faith Formation office and book a timeslot with a staff member and to answer any questions you may have. Don't forget to bring a copy of the baptismal certificate. Anyone registering for High School Youth Confirmation...also bring First Holy Eucharist certificate copy too.

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Faith Formation Office Contacts

Sharla Ortiz

Director of Catechetical and Youth Ministries
(951) 676-2894

Coordinator - Formation
Aida Baltazar

Coordinator of Religious Education
(951) 225-6203

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