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  • Seminarian Dinner

    Friday, April 19

    We thank the Lord for our Seminarians and for our parish volunteers for saying "Yes" to Jesus! See our happenings:

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  • Holy Triduum, Easter Vigil Rite of Christian Initiation

    Friday, April 21

    Praise the Risen Christ for our new Catholics for saying "Yes" to Jesus!

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  • Making the Way of the Cross, Funeral Hospitality Volunteers

    Friday, March 24

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  • Parish Pics: Appreciation Dinner

    Friday, June 30

    Thanking our Lord for our Volunteers

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  • Meet our Linen and Emcee Ministry Volunteers

    Friday, June 9

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  • God Bless Fr. Julian Plascencia, Newly Ordained Priest May 20, 2023

    Saturday, May 20:
    Fr. Julian served his seminary internship year here at St. Catherine’s!

    Fr. Julian's
    Seminary Story
      Ordination Mass Replay
  • Pics: Divine Mercy Sunday

    Sunday, April 16

    Jesus, I trust in You.

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  • Pics: Easter Sunday

    Sunday, April 9

    He is Risen!

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  • Pics: Vigil of Easter

    Saturday, April 8

    Alleluia! Alleluia! Alleluia!

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  • Pics: Good Friday: English Passion Liturgy

    Friday, April 7

    Christ became obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross. Because of this, God greatly exalted him and bestowed on him the name which is above every other name.

    -Phil 2:8-9

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  • Pics: Good Friday: Seven Last Words

    Friday, April 7

    Father, into your hands I commend my spirit. -Lk 23:46

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  • Pics: Holy Thursday

    Thursday, April 6

    Our blessing-cup is a communion with the Blood of Christ. -cf. 1 Cor 10:16

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  • Pics: Palm Sunday 10am Mass

    Sunday, April 2

    Jesus, Remember Me. Parish members celebrate Palm Sunday the 10am Mass

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  • Pics: Palm Sunday 8am Mass

    Sunday, April 2

    Hosanna to the Son of David at the 8am Mass

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  • Pics: Parish Lenten Day Retreat 2023

    Saturday, March 11

    Parish members gathered together to spend some quality time with our Lord and Savior.

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  • Pics: Simbang Gabi 2022

    Saturday, December 17

    Celebrate the Coming of Christ

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  • Pics: Our Readers

    Thursday, December 15

    Proclaiming the Word: Reader Ministry

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  • Pics: Celebration of Our Lady of Guadalupe

    Monday, December 12

    Parish members wake up very early in the morning to celebrate Our Lady of Guadalupe.

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  • Pics: Parish Advent Day Retreat

    Saturday, December 3

    Parish members gathered together to spend some quality time with our Lord and Savior.

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  • Pics: K-12 Faith Formation

    Saturday, December 3

    Knowing Christ: K-12 Faith Formation Program.

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  • Pics: Liturgy Volunteers in Action

    Sunday, December 3

    Our volunteers at work during a Sunday morning Mass during Advent.

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  • Pics: Thankgiving Dinner for the Poor 2022

    Friday, November 11

    Parish, SVDP and KofC volunteers prepare and serve a great feast for Temecula's needy families.

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  • Pics: San Lorenzo Celebration 2022

    Saturday, September 24

    Celebrating St. Lorenzo Ruiz, the first Filipino martyr to be canonized.

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  • Pics: Ministry Fair 2022

    Sunday, September 18

    Numerous ministry volunteers came to DiLeo Hall and invited parish members to serve.

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  • Ministry Fair 2021 Pics

    Thursday, September 30:
    Thank you to everyone that signed up to serve as a liturgical minister at our Ministry Fair on 9/26/2021. If you missed the ministry fair and would like to serve at mass please contact one of the liturgical ministry coordinators listed in the front of the bulletin. Thank you!

    More Information

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  • The Body of Christ

    Sunday, September 12:
    We love our volunteers! Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion from the 4pm Saturday Vigl Mass with Fr Anthony and Dcn John Gabriele.

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  • Altar Server Ministry Training Pics

    Sunday, August 22:
    Thank you to all of the youth who were present for the training. We look forward to an exciting year!

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  • Corpus Christi Procession

    Sunday, June 6:
    On the Solemnity of the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ, our parish hosted a campuswide procession of the Most Holy Blessed Sacrament.

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  • God Bless Fr. Ian Hollick, Newly Ordained Priest May 29, 2021

    Saturday, May 29:
    Fr. Ian served his seminary internship year here at St. Catherine’s!

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  • Ministry in Action: Seminarian Julian’s Farewell Lunch & Saint Jeanne High School Groundbreaking

    Saturday, May 29:
    Our Seminarian Internship Committee bids farewell to Julian as he wraps up his Internship Year and resumes his study in theology in preparation for the priesthood. Plus, Temecula’s one and only Catholic School broke ground on its High School facilities.

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  • Volunteers in Action: Easter Decorations

    Tuesday, April 6:
    Parish members assist with the Arts and Environment for Easter, both inside and out.

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  • Knights of Columbus Volunteers in Action: Drive-Thru Fish Fry

    Tuesday, March 16:
    Knights of Columbus Temecula Valley Council #9964 Members cook up the One and Only Drive Thru Lenten Fish Fry in Temecula!

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  • Cleaning the Saint Mary’s Chapel after Mass

    Thursday, March 11:
    A family sanitizes the newly re-opened space for families with small children.

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  • Brick Installation at the Front Plaza

    Friday, February 26:
    The Pathway to Christ brick project just got bigger with new slabs installed.

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