Become a Catechist or Volunteer Aide

Make a Difference

Echo the Catholic Faith as a Catechist

Are you considering God's calling to become a catechist for our parish? We are seeking out those from our parish community who have the calling and potential to serve in this role.

A catechist is a fully initiated and practicing Catholic person of faith called to continuously grow in faith and witness to the gospel and church. The catechist not only echoes Church teachings on religion and and doctrine; the catechist also shares and witnesses the ways in which our Lord has been present in his/her life.

Safe Environment and Parish Minister Formation training is provided in addition to catechetical textbooks and other resources filled with outstanding support to help you share and witness to others.

Volunteer Aides and Sponsors live what our Catechists Echo

Perhaps you feel called to lend a helping hand to our Catechetical Ministries but are not quite ready to take a speaking role just yet. You can live and practice what our Catechists teach as an Aide or Sponsor. Our K-12 and Adult Faith Formation programs are always looking for Adult Aides to be the second Safe Adult or Auxiliary Leader for small group sessions, Campus Safety Volunteers to patrol the facility, and Kitchen Angels to cook or prep snacks for large group sessions. Together, our Aides and Sponsors live what is being taught in the group sessions.

In addition, youth in need of Community Service Hours are welcome to assist as Youth Aides.

Answer the Call - Contact Us Today

K-12 Faith Formation
Kat Hill

Coordinator of Faith Formation K-12
(951) 693-2146

Director of Youth & Young Adult Ministries
Sharla Ortiz
(951) 676-2894

Adult Faith - RCIA, Adult Confirmation Volunteers
Ed Castillo

(951) 676-2894

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